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To Promote the Sport of Running Among the Underprivileged as a Means to Self-Improvement

Last Update: March 9, 2012

RUN4GOOD is a starting-up charity in Baltimore (MD) that will ultimately benefit the many children living under the poverty line in the city, promoting among them the sport of running as a means to self improvement.


RUN4GOOD will also provide the general public with services of running coaching and training (weight loss, fitness, preparation to specific races - 5K to Marathon), on a voluntary contribution basis and all proceeds will benefit the RUN4GOOD.ORG cause.


The website is under construction, as RUN4GOOD is starting up as a non-profit organization and in the process of applying for tax-exempt status.


  • Interested in working with a running coach in Baltimore City, around your schedule, to improve your fitness, work toward a running goal, and at the same time contributing to a good cause;
  • or, available for volunteering and help the cause of RUN4GOOD
  • or, simply interested in staying updated on the progress of RUN4GOOD
THEN, just send a message using the following form. THANK YOU for your interest in RUN4GOOD.ORG !

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WELCOMEAbout the CoachBlog